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Reporters working on a story that links agriculture and public health – for example, antimicrobial resistance in agriculture – can get a great head start by perusing the Gateway’s Browse-by-Subject resources collected under that topic heading.  These topics are organized under nine broader subject areas. Each topic area has listings of “Reports & Other Documents,” “Peer-reviewed Journal Articles,” “Relevant Organizations” and “Additional Tools & Resources.” Here is an example of one topic area.

In the Browse-by-Subject collection, many of the peer-reviewed journal articles may be difficult reading for the lay reader, but you will find that the reports tend to be written in a more accessible style. In addition, learning about relevant organizations is a good way to broaden your search to include other groups that are expert in each topic area. These might include government agencies, research centers, advocacy groups, trade associations, or professional organizations.

If you are a registered user of the site, you can save searches, email them directly to a friend, or share them through a social bookmarking site. You can also sign up for an RSS Feed to receive updates on new Gateway content, along with other membership benefits.

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