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Teachers can direct their students to the Gateway site when they are assigned to research and write a research paper that involves, for example, the food system and its effects on public health or the environment. In the Gateway’s Browse-by-Subject collection (left-hand panel of the website) of reports, articles and other resources, the students will have several dozen topics to choose from, including environmental topics such as climate change, biodiversity, soil, water, or air quality; policy issues such as the U.S. farm bill or the effects of food policy on the obesity epidemic; and cutting-edge issues such as antibiotic resistance in agriculture, bird flu, aquaculture or urban agriculture.

The “Highlighted Resources” in the center of the home page offer excellent opportunities for students to explore current issues in food and health through reports from the media, government sources or advocacy groups. Students should also take advantage of the “Link to Other Resources” section of the home page (bottom of left-hand panel), which includes links to image libraries, glossaries, and listservs.

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